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Getting Modern On Y'all...

Adding to my vast collection of Twitter accounts? Well, kind of. This kid won't be posting much... He's busy doing it all.


In case you haven't guessed/clicked the link yet, that's Phineas from Phineas and Ferb. This was actually less of an impulse and more of something I planned. Go figure.

Other Phineas and Ferb characters/fictional small children (Lilo, anyone?) would be loved. He won't be following any Toons, because that would be weird even by P&F standards.

New Character

Another Twitter account? Yeah, but she probably won't be as active as my other characters. She's an OC, a Rabbit reporter for a Saint Canard newspaper. She's obsessed with getting the scoop on Saint Canard's criminal element and the folks who fight it, so she'll be watching all of the Saint Canardian characters. I'm not expecting a follow-back from DW, LP, or Giz, but if my fellow fans could spread the word? They really don't need to know her (unless you want them to), but she'll be all over them.

Also, my scanner is dead, so no picture of her for now. :(

ETA: OH. Including the account name might be a good idea: RabbitReporter (Courtney Taylor).

Intro from EricaX

Name: EricaX
Character(s) you play: Morgana
Character(s) fandom: Darkwing Duck
Twitter account name(s): MorganaMcCawber
other comments: Come chekc us out! We're having lots of fun! :D
Name: Roaming Tigress
Character(s) you play: Steelbeak
Character(s) fandom: Darkwing Duck
Twitter account name(s): AgentSteelbeak and Valentino Steelbeak (Valentino being the real name I gave him) on Facebook.


Name: Cheezey
Character(s) you play: Bushroot and Sarah Bellum
Character(s) fandom: Darkwing Duck
Twitter account name(s): ReggieBushroot and DrSarahBellum
Other comments: I also run a Formspring for both Bushroot and Sarah Bellum, and a Facebook for Bushroot as well. Feel free to follow and/or friend any of those accounts.


Name: Kabby
Character(s) you play: Gadget Hackwrench, Neptunia, Chaos
Character(s) fandom: Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, Aladdin (the series)
Twitter account name(s): GadgetTheMouse, ProtectsTheSea, _ChaosIncarnate
other comments: Yes, I'm a crazy person with no impulse control. But it's so fun and addicting! Also, canonmates for Chaos and Gadget would be loved.


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